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Viewpoint South is a media production and training company that has been operating since 1999.

Its output includes:

- Broadcast projects for the BBC and independent television.

- Social action and corporate videos, websites and e-learning packages. These are often part of integrated communications and outreach strategies.

- Video training packages for NGOs (non-governmental organisations), government departments, academic institutions and companies.


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Gerard is the Chief Executive of Viewpoint South. He has many years of experience as a producer of programmes for the BBC, Channel Four and independent TV and for video and new media (including the Internet and e-learning). He also creates case-making media campaigns for companies and not-for-profit organisations.

He has focused on global/environmental issues, human rights and conflict management as Creative Development Director at the International Broadcasting Trust. Widely travelled, he has worked with key players in many NGOs and other international organisations. He has developed wide media connections through his work as CEO for the Southern Screen Commission.

Gerard specialises in organisational communications and training. He is currently producing a series of awareness-building DVD programmes for a network of over 1,500 companies dealing with administration and receivership. He has also produced a video-based training programme for Transport for London senior managers and is currently producing similar packages for MIND and Tools for Self Reliance.

He has run a wide range of courses in communications and organisation-building during his time as Training and Development Officer at OXFAM, Head of the Development Education Association and CEO of the Southern Screen Commission.
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